On-Site Flight School Available – (2016 National Honor Roll Award)

The award winning, nationally recognized flight school located on site is staffed by highly qualified instructor pilots.  They will mentor your journey for whatever type of training you need.  The flight school operates central Pennsylvania’s newest and most technologically advanced fleet in the region.

A full range of training programs from light sport and private up through CFI, single or multi-engine is offered.  If you don’t know what those terms mean, just come on in and chat.  You can take an introductory flight lesson and see what training program designed just for you might look like.  Also you and a friend can schedule a scenic flight for fun!

The flight school is small enough that you will have individual attention with a curriculum tailored to fit your needs and your style.  You will set the schedule with the on-line scheduling system.  The flight school is open seven days a week so you can fly on your timetable and at your pace.

A variety of meticulously well maintained aircrafts are available for your training.  After you completed your training, you can rent the very same airplanes you trained in for your own use.  Of course you can also train in your aircraft if you own your own.

You can also take your written exams with us as we are a certified FAA testing center.  No need to register with some third party.  Just call us and we will take care of everything.  About the only thing we won’t do for you is supply the answers.  Sorry!  🙂


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