Frequently Asked Questions

What types of licenses do you offer?

Actually your “license” is a certificate which never expires whereas licenses do.  Canyon Aero, LLC offers the full range of training from sport pilot to private pilot through instrument, commercial, single and multi-engine.


Where are you located? 

Canyon Aero, LLC is located at Williamsport Regional Airport at 580 South Loyalsock Avenue in Montoursville PA.


How do I schedule a flight?

Flights can be scheduled any day.   After your first flight, you will be granted full access to the electronic, web based, scheduling system……after a couple of keystrokes by you, the flight school will get an email telling them you are on the schedule……, but if you prefer a more personal touch, you may call the flight school in Montoursville at 570-368-1330.


Student/Instructor Relationship

A good bit of time will be spent with you before you ever fly.  Your expectations, learning style, timetable, etc. will be discussed first.  A syllabus will be tailored to the way you learn best and not the other way around.”


How long does it take?

It depends upon your proficiency and how often you fly. The typical student who tries to fly once a week or four or five times a month will usually complete a private pilot training program in 6 to 9 months.  Some students have completed the training in two months, but they were flying almost every day.


What are the flying time requirements?

It depends upon the type of training program you select.  For example, for a sport pilot certificate, the FAA mandates a minimum of 20 hours instruction and you do not need an FAA medical exam.  Your driver’s license will suffice.  For a private pilot certificate, the FAA minimum is 40 hours of flight instruction.

With the private pilot training program, the national average is up around 65 hours of flying time, but students on site typically will finish in far less time than that.  Part of the success is everything is tailored to fit you.  From the relationship between you and your instructor to your curriculum it is personalized to you!  Everything is done to ensure your safety and your success.  Flight training is a big decision and commitment on your part.  Your time and your resources are valuable.


Do I need to do ground school first?

When you complete their course.  Even though ground school can be delivered online for about a third the cost, you won’t be alone.  Your flight instructor will always be there to help and answer questions if you need it.

How much does it cost?

The honest answer is it depends. It depends on which type of program you want to pursue; which airplane you choose to train in; your continuity; and whether you chose to do “éxtra” or more than is required by the FAA.  Some certificates can be done in under $4000 while others are more.  You do not need to pay it all up front.  Your instructor can explain your options in great detail before you ever start.


How long is each lesson?

Your lessons are typically scheduled in 2 hour blocks.  That allows a few minutes to discuss what you will be doing during the lesson, preflight the airplane, fly for an hour or more, and then have time to discuss what you did and what comes during the next lesson.  That being said, you and your instructor will work that out.  Some students are very comfortable with flying longer lessons but fir the first few, you are your instructor will get a feel for the “right” length for you.


How do I get started?

An Introductory Flight Lesson for $100.00 is highly recommended.  The intro flights are 30 minutes in the air where you will be in control of the airplane.  You will make the initial takeoff, and most likely your instructor can talk you through the final landing or at least he will swear to all your family, friends, and neighbors  that you landed it all by yourself.  Plan on a couple hours as you will spend 15 or 20 minutes talking with the instructor as to how the flight will be conducted, go over any safety issues or concerns, discuss the route you would like to fly , and then go fly.  After the flight, your instructor will answer any and all questions you might have; discuss what a training program tailored to you might look like, lay out all the expected costs, and discuss timetables.  You will be given a chance to see first-hand what it’s all about.  By all means, family members and cameras are welcomed at no additional charge.